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The Historic Years of Lotus Cars, 1950 - 1965

Thank you for visiting the Historic Lotus Website.

On the site you can find information on how to source and purchase a variety of books written by long term Lotus enthusiast, historian and racer Graham Capel.


Through years of research, experience and ownership Graham has put down his knowledge in writing to share with other Lotus enthusiasts.

These books and the information within offer a thorough and accurate history of the various topics and eras, however, we welcome further information and data to add and constantly update the records. Please feel free to get in touch via the website or email direct to info@lotushistory.co.uk if you would like any information or have any to offer us!

His Topic covered include:

Cars and Driver Histories and Research of Lotus Sports & Sports Racing Cars 1950-65.

Lotus Mark III 1951                  Lotus Mark IX 1955/6                    Lotus Seventeen 1959
Lotus Mark IV 1952                  Lotus Mark X 1954/5                     Lotus 19              1960/3
Lotus Mark VI 1952/5               Lotus Mark Eleven 1956/9             Lotus 23              1962/6
Lotus Mark VIII 1954/5             Lotus Mark Fifteen 1958/9             Lotus 30              1964/5